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Leading industries with the power of precision.

Orphic International Inc., a California corporation since 1991, is the US representative of several Indian manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Automotive and Industrial products. While we pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality products, on a timely basis, at competitive prices, we are constantly striving to improve our quality and service.

We have successfully negotiated parts supplies to the Performance Automotive sector and other high standard industries over the past several years.

With Orphic International you will have the benefit of access to some of the best, and in many cases ISO 9000 certified, manufacturers in India without the worry of communications, language, or local customs. Often, several different suppliers are necessary to fill an order, particularly if your requirement is for a variety of products. With Orphic you deal with a single source for all your needs. You place your orders and let Orphic go to work for you in finding the right manufacturer for your particular specifications.

Products are manufactured to customer specifications and/or samples or blue prints. Pre-production samples are provided for approval.

You can expect prompt and courteous service from us and we stand behind our products.