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Experience our Reliable and Quality manufacturing by industry experts

One Stop Shopping

You correspond with us on all matters, including sending of samples, specifications and payments – no matter how many different parts you need involving different materials and processes

Serving a Wide Range of Industries

Automotive aftermarket

Most Competitive Prices

Your Parts Made to Your Specifications

Using your samples and/or components drawings

Production started only after your approval of pre-production samples

Your satisfaction is our business

Excellent Customer Care Program

Orphic is your contact point for all After Sales Service

Reliable and Quality Manufacturing Facilities

Experienced associates having precision plant and machinery
Highest Quality control with ISO 9000 certification for some manufacturers
Employing skilled personnel only

Experts in diverse range of manufacturing facilities

Forge shops, All types of Castings, Sheet Metal fabrication, CNC and Conventional machining, Gear manufacturing, Rubber and Plastic manufacturing

We stand behind all our products

We make them right for you
Courteous and friendly service